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Ruff & Tumble

The Ultimate Dog Drying Coats 


I now stock these amazing dog drying coats in a range of colours and sizes from miniature Dachshund to Great Dane in two different styles the Classic which is all towelling and the Country Range sporting a faux leather trim.

 The coats are easy to put on with a large Velcro centre body section to ensure a snug fit and the collar can be worn down (as in the photo) or up covering the ears if desired. Once on the coat ensures that your four legged friend dries quicly and keeps warm - it also reduces the shaking of wet dogs inside your car or kitchen. In the heat you can soak the inside with cold water and put on to keep your dog cool preventing over heating in the British summer ! Easily washed at 30 degrees in your washing machine.

Please e-mail me for cost, colours available and how to order the correct size. 

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